Sunday, November 24, 2013

Answer Writing Tricks to Students’

I am sure students must be wondering – ‘how is that, he gets more marks, and not me?, ‘I feel I have done better’, ‘what’s that the paper evaluators look for?’.
Let me tell you, what the paper evaluators look for in the answer book.
·       Good hand-writing
·       Sub questions of the main questions are to be solved one after the other.
·       Start on the left page and conclude on the right page. Two pages are sufficient to answer an eight marks question.
·       Chose at least eight key words capable of completely explaining the answer to the question.
·       If possible put the block diagram, sketch, graph, in a proportional scale.
·       Strengthen your answer with governing mathematical expression, which increases the value of your answer.
·       Make a paragraph after every 4 to 5 sentences covering one key point in it.
·       Use capitalized words to highlight something you want the evaluator to see and appreciate.
·       Left margin, right margin, indentation, spacing between the words, overall look also matters.
The way you beautify yourself, the answer on the paper also needs to be beautified.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Where is GOD?

           In India, many families light oil-diwas during navaratri (9 days festival, in the name of Goddess Durga). So is the case with my house.

On third day, my mother told me – ‘Look, this time we have forgotten to send 150 rupees to Tuljpur’. ‘how has this happened?, has not the priest sent the letter to us?’, I enquired. The answer was ‘no’.

I continued – ‘It’s OK now, instead of sending the money to Tuljapur, let us consider to having spent the money to burn oil-diwas in the house.  Any way God is the same’. Even my brother also joined tone with mine.

Mother looked at me as if I have made a blunder. She was not happy with the suggestive statements of mine and acceptance of my ideas by my brother.

‘You…, both…, don’t respect God at all!, how can you tell so lightly? Do you know as I remember, since at the age of 13, when I came to this house after marriage, we had never lapsed sending money to Tuljapur. Why don’t you understand that Tuljapur Amba Bhavani is our kula-daivata. I can’t imagine the casual attitude of yours, towards God.’ She continued.

Now I had to balance the situation. We concluded to send the money order to Tuljapur priest’s address. Because, it is ritual to be continued at least until mother is alive.

Friday, October 25, 2013

A walk behind a drunk

         It was around 7 pm that day. I came out from my home to go to market to buy some fruits. In front of me, my house owner was standing, smiled at me; I think he was also going somewhere.
I reached fruit market. Bought 2 Kgs. of apples. Now heading towards my home. It started drizzling. Nice weather. I felt happy to walk under sprinkling rain. He touched me from behind and I turned. On his face, no feelings.   
‘Sir, give me one rupee.’ He asked. From his gesture, I noticed that he had already drunk. I nodded to indicate, ‘No’ to him. He proceeded.  ‘Let me observe him’, my mind thought. I started following him keeping a safe distance so that nobody would notice what I am doing.
‘Sir, give me one rupee.’ Now he asked to a person who was busy on the cell phone and got rejected. ‘Sir, give me one rupee.’ He asked to the (love?) pair; they were in good mood (it seems), the lady, from her vanity bad, gave him some money. ‘Please, give me one rupee.’ Now he asked to a girl who was trying get into the rickshaw. She frowned. Rickshaw went away. Now he went to a medical shop nearby and asked one of the customer – ‘Sir, give me one rupee.’ Customers were busy buying medicines. He was rejected.
He went straight towards bus stand. I turned towards my home. Home owner was just entering his house. He smiled; I too.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Spread the Mat

          It was 30th Vedant Parishad at Harugeri. I was also one among the audience sitting on the floor to listen to the scholarly vedic discussion on advait dogma. Discourses were going on.
          Just by the side of me, one person came. He was unclean; with dirty bag; dirty dress, sat near to me. There was some space around him. Started opening his bag and removed a big plastic mat, equally dusty. Started spreading calmly. 
          I was thinking – ‘is he going to sleep or what?’, ‘it is just 10am, had he not slept previous night?’, ‘may possibly drunk?’, ‘why such people come for this?, does vedant make any difference?’, ‘seems not from this village, may have left home!’, ‘at this age better be at home; why people wander?’. Thoughts were flashing one behind another in my mind.
          By this time he had spread the dirty mat. Occupied the space of four people. Asked the people around him to sit on the mat. At first people said – ‘It’s OK’, not accepting place on the mat. On his pursuance, few took their seat on the mat. He asked me also to slip myself on the mat. Somehow I was not ready. 
          He had all the alertness in listening to the vedant discourse. He never slept. Inquired the name of the presenter, whenever mic was transferred to the next speaker. He sometimes used to close his eyes and listen, truly nodding.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Slap on the cheek

Parag told me this incident. A boy holding his grade card of his 4th standard result, felt very happy. Ran home to show it to his father. Father asked about the ranking. Boy said – 19th from top. Happy father with his boy went to mart and bought some sweets and asked the boy to distribute to relatives and friends, spreading his accomplishments.
Boy went to his grandmother first, gave the sweet and told the news. Granny happy. She said –‘Well done my child, but tell others as 4th rank, not 19th one’. Boy thought for a while, couldn’t understood. Flew away from her, cheering.
Distributed the sweets and sweet message to too many. Reached his uncle’s house. Opened the sweet box, put before uncle, telling the news. ‘Wah, 4th rank, good job’, said uncle. Turning towards his son slanged – ‘Look at this boy, learn something from this younger; you… just managed to pass 7th exam’. The elder boy was giving a lion look at the young boy, as if he will eat alive.
Next day evening, the elder boy, strait away blew a slap. ‘Ah…’. Boy was found guilty of telling 4th in place of 19th. Elder boy had enquired in the school about the result of the younger one. The little one, to keep the sweet memories of the appreciations for the false achievement, the ‘slap’, was consciously forgotten.

Can he forget it? After all what was mistake of the little boy, to undergo such situation? Unable to decide till date.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Car drop from

          As usual, my brother dropped me at Harugeri Cross, from where I had to catch bus towards Sangli. He went away. I was waiting for the bus. It is the junction to connect Athni to Gokak and Jamakhandi to Miraj.
          Buses were flying from all the directions except to my wanted direction. This is what happens with us always. Everybody gets, except me(?). Miserable thought in the sorrow mind. Private vehicles, trucks, tractors, bikes, rickshaws and local transport vehicles were all going towards Miraj but not a single bus?
          Many customers were there at fruit vendors, paan shops, bakery shops and hotels around. I am waiting for the bus. ‘Waiting is a pain relly, huh…’.
          There came a Indica Car. Driver looked at me asked about the way towards Miraj. I told him. Two were there in the car. Car went few feet away. Stopped to give way to a tractor on the opposite side. There was flash in my mind.

          Took the control of the time. Went near the car. Requested the driver that, I too wish to join him upto Miraj. He nodded and opened the door. I entered. Car started. In crossroads I directed them to drive towards Miraj. During the conversation inside the car, I learnt that the car is going upto Sangli. When reached Miraj, I told, I am joining upto Sangli. He said – OK. I got down at Sangli. OMG!, good that I asked.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Students’ and the honesty

            Semester ended. Internal assessment marks were displayed. Students were looking at the list. Some were happy, some unhappy, few cool.
          One student came to me. Said – ‘Honestly, I had written all the tests, and attended maximum number of lecture hours; but surprise to see that other have earned more marks than me. I feel you, to reconsider and increase my marks’. I told him – ‘Look, these are the marks based on the evidences. Do you know, your test marks are Zeors!’ He nodded and told ‘That’s what, I’m telling you sir, I was honest in writing the test, others were copying.’
‘OK, agreed; but when you are asking to increase the marks, where is the honesty?; aren’t both acts same? Does honesty has a value? Is it not a virtue? Think at this.’ I said.
Many a times, one feels he is honestly working. Being honest is different from working honestly. There is a thin line between them. Being honest is a virtue. Working honestly means, working for progressing in achieving something. In this case, honesty is the ‘word’, being (mis)used as way (parh) to progress. Knowing well, honest path is not easy, why chose it? If chosen, why murmur later?

What is true meaning of honesty? Is the path? Is it the virtue? Is it the being? Can it be expected from this complex society? Or it’s a personal choice? And who makes the choice?

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Was he needed money?

He is working as peon in the institution, where I am the professor. Needless to say other things.
Today he came to me. Sat across the chair. Told about his where beings all these days. Asked for Rs. 200/- towards buying his medicine. He was away from duties since 3-4 weeks, which I had learnt from other associates. We had casual talks and when he made the request for money, I nodded with “No”. Since a year, I was simply paying him, whatever (little?) amount he wanted, without any second thought, no reasons asked. One day I decided not to pay him anymore.        
          Today I was observing his face. Not the face, but expressions if any. I was prepared to pay him, if he had made request just once more. Alas! He just waited for few minutes, in the chair. No expressions were read by me. ‘OK sir’, said and just walked away.
          Was he known that, I’m not going to entertain him? Was it a chance he took? Does he feel I melt so soon? Was it an effort to bend me emotionally?

Was it right what I did? Was he really in need of money (from me)? Why have I paid all these days? How has it become so easy for him to ask (me)? Is it what the giver always to give and the otherwise? 
A day will always be there that things change. Was it today? 

What is your worth?

          It is always the question. Why am I being underpaid? One of my colleagues was expressing to me that, he was promised by the management, a (salary) hike when he completes his post-graduate degree. He completed his degree after two months. Now since seven months, he is waiting for the hike to happen?
          Why the hike has not been effected to me? I have already informed the management. Is the management taking me easy? Am I not worth considering? My other friends who had joined neighboring organizations have been considered favorably. Oh! My fate! I made a mistake by joining here. If I had joined after the after the results, I would have been in better position for the bargain. Is it not the management responsibility to take care of their employees?
          If I make an application and ask for the hike and the difference as well, are they going to consider? If they say ‘No’, ask me make the choice? Am I not going to feel insulted? Do they want to insult me intentionally? Am I being used, just filling in the blanks? Am I not loosing my interest in the work? How could I act (be) motivated towards work? Do I exist only in the signing muster? Am I really there or only my name(sake)? Am I different from name?
          What is my degree worth? What is my knowledge worth? What is my efforts worth?

          What is ‘I’ worth for? Do I have any value?   

Simple calculation

          I was talking to a publisher, to get my text book published. He was very happy. The title was very much necessitated for him from his (business) point of view. I was comfortable in bringing out this book.
          He said – ‘Let’s  consider 300 page book. Divide it by 2, it is 150; multiply by 50 paise, market rate for zeroxing per page, it is Rs. 75. So…, the MRP cannot go beyond Rs. 75’. He continued – ‘Sir, it doesn’t work. You make it 600 page book. MRP now could be not Rs. 150 but, Rs 125, so that zeroxing customers are converted to buy the book. Customers are very intelligent you know?’
          ‘Immediately I will go for 500 copies that is the quantity for minimum printing cost. So that, I can pay you at least 10 percent on MRP as royalty; i.e., Rs. 6500, when the first lot is put in the market’. After sensing the market I will think of printing further copies.
          I said – ‘OK’. Nothing else. I had a manuscript worth 300 pages. Worked day night to make it double. Added few more illustrations, new chapters and new examples as well.
          The book was published.

          I am still unable to understand – ‘What is the worth of the contents of the book? Is it the same calculation works out all around? Uh!…, it is so nice and simple.   

Friday, October 4, 2013

Who is in the Jail

It is a professional college. The college starts at 09.00 hours on all week days. It has a big gate. There are security people. Security closes the gate at 09.15 hours. The students who reach late are not allowed inside the college campus for next 30 minutes. They are made to stand in front of the gate.

Insiders feel safe, happy for just lucky? A slang smile on their face while seeing the seen outside. What kind of thoughts are coming to the minds to who are outside.

‘Oh! I am just late by 05 minutes’, ‘I shouldn't have had missed my first bus’, ‘It’s OK, this is what I want’, ‘Let’s chat outside with friends’, ‘Who the hell has decided this kind of rule?’, ‘See that, staff is entering the gate even though he is late!’, ‘Nothing happens inside!’, ‘If seating arrangement would have been there outside for boys too’, ‘I’m getting shortage of attendance because of this too’, ‘Huh…, let me enjoy morning show and back home’, ‘Wait, let’s request security to let us enter’, etc.

Are not the students the main stake holders of the institutions? Are they not the customers? Are they not the brand ambassadors of the institutes? What kind of mouth publicity these students are going to publish in the outside world? What is fun with the building, library and laboratories, when students are not willing to use? Under the jaws of fear and pressure, is it possible to have learning?

After all what is the education – is it not Freedom?

Sheppard with his Sheep

Just look at the Sheppard with his sheep, while crossing the road. If you are in the bus or car, this kind of seen you might have witnessed. What at kind of thoughts have come to your mind?

‘Smile on your face looking at your co-traveler?’, ‘Oh! Shit, these people don’t have even the common sense?’, ‘Let go, attitude?’, etc. What is that going in your mind?

What do you think these thoughts indicate? Do they not open our facebook? Are these thoughts making us either smile or frown? Who is responsible for these kinds of thoughts? Whom are we blaming? Who has to take control of the situation, if at all?

Is it me or the outsider?

Should the Sheppard not take care of his sheep? Is he interested in sheep finding grass on the tar-road? Does he enjoy disturbing the traffic? Is he interested in losing the life of a sheep on road accident? Does he have time and interest in fighting with you? Do you think he has the evil mind to come on your way and to make you slog? Does he not have the life? Should he not cross the road ever? Where is he going to? Where are you going to? Is there any difference in absolute? After all why have we come across? Should we not come across? Is it not OK? Tell me,

Who has to smile first?

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