Friday, October 4, 2013

Sheppard with his Sheep

Just look at the Sheppard with his sheep, while crossing the road. If you are in the bus or car, this kind of seen you might have witnessed. What at kind of thoughts have come to your mind?

‘Smile on your face looking at your co-traveler?’, ‘Oh! Shit, these people don’t have even the common sense?’, ‘Let go, attitude?’, etc. What is that going in your mind?

What do you think these thoughts indicate? Do they not open our facebook? Are these thoughts making us either smile or frown? Who is responsible for these kinds of thoughts? Whom are we blaming? Who has to take control of the situation, if at all?

Is it me or the outsider?

Should the Sheppard not take care of his sheep? Is he interested in sheep finding grass on the tar-road? Does he enjoy disturbing the traffic? Is he interested in losing the life of a sheep on road accident? Does he have time and interest in fighting with you? Do you think he has the evil mind to come on your way and to make you slog? Does he not have the life? Should he not cross the road ever? Where is he going to? Where are you going to? Is there any difference in absolute? After all why have we come across? Should we not come across? Is it not OK? Tell me,

Who has to smile first?

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