Friday, October 4, 2013

Who is in the Jail

It is a professional college. The college starts at 09.00 hours on all week days. It has a big gate. There are security people. Security closes the gate at 09.15 hours. The students who reach late are not allowed inside the college campus for next 30 minutes. They are made to stand in front of the gate.

Insiders feel safe, happy for just lucky? A slang smile on their face while seeing the seen outside. What kind of thoughts are coming to the minds to who are outside.

‘Oh! I am just late by 05 minutes’, ‘I shouldn't have had missed my first bus’, ‘It’s OK, this is what I want’, ‘Let’s chat outside with friends’, ‘Who the hell has decided this kind of rule?’, ‘See that, staff is entering the gate even though he is late!’, ‘Nothing happens inside!’, ‘If seating arrangement would have been there outside for boys too’, ‘I’m getting shortage of attendance because of this too’, ‘Huh…, let me enjoy morning show and back home’, ‘Wait, let’s request security to let us enter’, etc.

Are not the students the main stake holders of the institutions? Are they not the customers? Are they not the brand ambassadors of the institutes? What kind of mouth publicity these students are going to publish in the outside world? What is fun with the building, library and laboratories, when students are not willing to use? Under the jaws of fear and pressure, is it possible to have learning?

After all what is the education – is it not Freedom?

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