Friday, October 25, 2013

A walk behind a drunk

         It was around 7 pm that day. I came out from my home to go to market to buy some fruits. In front of me, my house owner was standing, smiled at me; I think he was also going somewhere.
I reached fruit market. Bought 2 Kgs. of apples. Now heading towards my home. It started drizzling. Nice weather. I felt happy to walk under sprinkling rain. He touched me from behind and I turned. On his face, no feelings.   
‘Sir, give me one rupee.’ He asked. From his gesture, I noticed that he had already drunk. I nodded to indicate, ‘No’ to him. He proceeded.  ‘Let me observe him’, my mind thought. I started following him keeping a safe distance so that nobody would notice what I am doing.
‘Sir, give me one rupee.’ Now he asked to a person who was busy on the cell phone and got rejected. ‘Sir, give me one rupee.’ He asked to the (love?) pair; they were in good mood (it seems), the lady, from her vanity bad, gave him some money. ‘Please, give me one rupee.’ Now he asked to a girl who was trying get into the rickshaw. She frowned. Rickshaw went away. Now he went to a medical shop nearby and asked one of the customer – ‘Sir, give me one rupee.’ Customers were busy buying medicines. He was rejected.
He went straight towards bus stand. I turned towards my home. Home owner was just entering his house. He smiled; I too.

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