Monday, October 14, 2013

Car drop from

          As usual, my brother dropped me at Harugeri Cross, from where I had to catch bus towards Sangli. He went away. I was waiting for the bus. It is the junction to connect Athni to Gokak and Jamakhandi to Miraj.
          Buses were flying from all the directions except to my wanted direction. This is what happens with us always. Everybody gets, except me(?). Miserable thought in the sorrow mind. Private vehicles, trucks, tractors, bikes, rickshaws and local transport vehicles were all going towards Miraj but not a single bus?
          Many customers were there at fruit vendors, paan shops, bakery shops and hotels around. I am waiting for the bus. ‘Waiting is a pain relly, huh…’.
          There came a Indica Car. Driver looked at me asked about the way towards Miraj. I told him. Two were there in the car. Car went few feet away. Stopped to give way to a tractor on the opposite side. There was flash in my mind.

          Took the control of the time. Went near the car. Requested the driver that, I too wish to join him upto Miraj. He nodded and opened the door. I entered. Car started. In crossroads I directed them to drive towards Miraj. During the conversation inside the car, I learnt that the car is going upto Sangli. When reached Miraj, I told, I am joining upto Sangli. He said – OK. I got down at Sangli. OMG!, good that I asked.

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