Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Simple calculation

          I was talking to a publisher, to get my text book published. He was very happy. The title was very much necessitated for him from his (business) point of view. I was comfortable in bringing out this book.
          He said – ‘Let’s  consider 300 page book. Divide it by 2, it is 150; multiply by 50 paise, market rate for zeroxing per page, it is Rs. 75. So…, the MRP cannot go beyond Rs. 75’. He continued – ‘Sir, it doesn’t work. You make it 600 page book. MRP now could be not Rs. 150 but, Rs 125, so that zeroxing customers are converted to buy the book. Customers are very intelligent you know?’
          ‘Immediately I will go for 500 copies that is the quantity for minimum printing cost. So that, I can pay you at least 10 percent on MRP as royalty; i.e., Rs. 6500, when the first lot is put in the market’. After sensing the market I will think of printing further copies.
          I said – ‘OK’. Nothing else. I had a manuscript worth 300 pages. Worked day night to make it double. Added few more illustrations, new chapters and new examples as well.
          The book was published.

          I am still unable to understand – ‘What is the worth of the contents of the book? Is it the same calculation works out all around? Uh!…, it is so nice and simple.   

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