Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Slap on the cheek

Parag told me this incident. A boy holding his grade card of his 4th standard result, felt very happy. Ran home to show it to his father. Father asked about the ranking. Boy said – 19th from top. Happy father with his boy went to mart and bought some sweets and asked the boy to distribute to relatives and friends, spreading his accomplishments.
Boy went to his grandmother first, gave the sweet and told the news. Granny happy. She said –‘Well done my child, but tell others as 4th rank, not 19th one’. Boy thought for a while, couldn’t understood. Flew away from her, cheering.
Distributed the sweets and sweet message to too many. Reached his uncle’s house. Opened the sweet box, put before uncle, telling the news. ‘Wah, 4th rank, good job’, said uncle. Turning towards his son slanged – ‘Look at this boy, learn something from this younger; you… just managed to pass 7th exam’. The elder boy was giving a lion look at the young boy, as if he will eat alive.
Next day evening, the elder boy, strait away blew a slap. ‘Ah…’. Boy was found guilty of telling 4th in place of 19th. Elder boy had enquired in the school about the result of the younger one. The little one, to keep the sweet memories of the appreciations for the false achievement, the ‘slap’, was consciously forgotten.

Can he forget it? After all what was mistake of the little boy, to undergo such situation? Unable to decide till date.

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