Sunday, October 20, 2013

Spread the Mat

          It was 30th Vedant Parishad at Harugeri. I was also one among the audience sitting on the floor to listen to the scholarly vedic discussion on advait dogma. Discourses were going on.
          Just by the side of me, one person came. He was unclean; with dirty bag; dirty dress, sat near to me. There was some space around him. Started opening his bag and removed a big plastic mat, equally dusty. Started spreading calmly. 
          I was thinking – ‘is he going to sleep or what?’, ‘it is just 10am, had he not slept previous night?’, ‘may possibly drunk?’, ‘why such people come for this?, does vedant make any difference?’, ‘seems not from this village, may have left home!’, ‘at this age better be at home; why people wander?’. Thoughts were flashing one behind another in my mind.
          By this time he had spread the dirty mat. Occupied the space of four people. Asked the people around him to sit on the mat. At first people said – ‘It’s OK’, not accepting place on the mat. On his pursuance, few took their seat on the mat. He asked me also to slip myself on the mat. Somehow I was not ready. 
          He had all the alertness in listening to the vedant discourse. He never slept. Inquired the name of the presenter, whenever mic was transferred to the next speaker. He sometimes used to close his eyes and listen, truly nodding.

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