Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Was he needed money?

He is working as peon in the institution, where I am the professor. Needless to say other things.
Today he came to me. Sat across the chair. Told about his where beings all these days. Asked for Rs. 200/- towards buying his medicine. He was away from duties since 3-4 weeks, which I had learnt from other associates. We had casual talks and when he made the request for money, I nodded with “No”. Since a year, I was simply paying him, whatever (little?) amount he wanted, without any second thought, no reasons asked. One day I decided not to pay him anymore.        
          Today I was observing his face. Not the face, but expressions if any. I was prepared to pay him, if he had made request just once more. Alas! He just waited for few minutes, in the chair. No expressions were read by me. ‘OK sir’, said and just walked away.
          Was he known that, I’m not going to entertain him? Was it a chance he took? Does he feel I melt so soon? Was it an effort to bend me emotionally?

Was it right what I did? Was he really in need of money (from me)? Why have I paid all these days? How has it become so easy for him to ask (me)? Is it what the giver always to give and the otherwise? 
A day will always be there that things change. Was it today? 

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