Tuesday, October 8, 2013

What is your worth?

          It is always the question. Why am I being underpaid? One of my colleagues was expressing to me that, he was promised by the management, a (salary) hike when he completes his post-graduate degree. He completed his degree after two months. Now since seven months, he is waiting for the hike to happen?
          Why the hike has not been effected to me? I have already informed the management. Is the management taking me easy? Am I not worth considering? My other friends who had joined neighboring organizations have been considered favorably. Oh! My fate! I made a mistake by joining here. If I had joined after the after the results, I would have been in better position for the bargain. Is it not the management responsibility to take care of their employees?
          If I make an application and ask for the hike and the difference as well, are they going to consider? If they say ‘No’, ask me make the choice? Am I not going to feel insulted? Do they want to insult me intentionally? Am I being used, just filling in the blanks? Am I not loosing my interest in the work? How could I act (be) motivated towards work? Do I exist only in the signing muster? Am I really there or only my name(sake)? Am I different from name?
          What is my degree worth? What is my knowledge worth? What is my efforts worth?

          What is ‘I’ worth for? Do I have any value?   

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