Saturday, October 26, 2013

Where is GOD?

           In India, many families light oil-diwas during navaratri (9 days festival, in the name of Goddess Durga). So is the case with my house.

On third day, my mother told me – ‘Look, this time we have forgotten to send 150 rupees to Tuljpur’. ‘how has this happened?, has not the priest sent the letter to us?’, I enquired. The answer was ‘no’.

I continued – ‘It’s OK now, instead of sending the money to Tuljapur, let us consider to having spent the money to burn oil-diwas in the house.  Any way God is the same’. Even my brother also joined tone with mine.

Mother looked at me as if I have made a blunder. She was not happy with the suggestive statements of mine and acceptance of my ideas by my brother.

‘You…, both…, don’t respect God at all!, how can you tell so lightly? Do you know as I remember, since at the age of 13, when I came to this house after marriage, we had never lapsed sending money to Tuljapur. Why don’t you understand that Tuljapur Amba Bhavani is our kula-daivata. I can’t imagine the casual attitude of yours, towards God.’ She continued.

Now I had to balance the situation. We concluded to send the money order to Tuljapur priest’s address. Because, it is ritual to be continued at least until mother is alive.

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