Sunday, November 24, 2013

Answer Writing Tricks to Students’

I am sure students must be wondering – ‘how is that, he gets more marks, and not me?, ‘I feel I have done better’, ‘what’s that the paper evaluators look for?’.
Let me tell you, what the paper evaluators look for in the answer book.
·       Good hand-writing
·       Sub questions of the main questions are to be solved one after the other.
·       Start on the left page and conclude on the right page. Two pages are sufficient to answer an eight marks question.
·       Chose at least eight key words capable of completely explaining the answer to the question.
·       If possible put the block diagram, sketch, graph, in a proportional scale.
·       Strengthen your answer with governing mathematical expression, which increases the value of your answer.
·       Make a paragraph after every 4 to 5 sentences covering one key point in it.
·       Use capitalized words to highlight something you want the evaluator to see and appreciate.
·       Left margin, right margin, indentation, spacing between the words, overall look also matters.
The way you beautify yourself, the answer on the paper also needs to be beautified.

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