Saturday, February 15, 2014

Oh! He also thinks like you!!

I was late to return from office. It’s the fact that no bus comes or stops here (because you are waiting!). Say to yourself – bad luck. A biker stopped and asked me whether I would like to join him. I winked and decided after a while to become passenger on his bike. Yes, he was my colleague once. Now he has his own business to look after. Chat started.

“Sir, is this your new uniform?” I said yes.

“The most disliking fact to me was the uniform. Arre… uniform to the teachers, students, office, peons, even to principals. Same benches, school bags, boards, cabins, chairs and furniture all around. Appears good and neat, but at what cost? Ridicules. Is it military or jail? It’s an educational institute sir! Education has colors, creativity, imagination and variety. Through education one is to evolve beyond boundaries. Here everybody has to breathe freeness, freedom and liberate illness. This is not factory of products wherein six sigma is achieved. We are dealing with tender minds. If these minds are not allowed to flower naturally, we are creating the disaster. Tell me any student or staff wishes to wear uniforms. Wearing uniform means obeying somebody’s rules. Rules mean opposition. Surviving opposition means death. Death means killing the curiosity, creativity, involvement, interactions, communication. What do you want to do with dead minds? What could be taught or learnt from dead minds to dead minds?

Freedom means everything in life, what else.

What is stopping me?

          He is poor. He was ill for six months. When he returned from hospitalization to duties, I was shocked to look at his face. Face was looking like burnt brinjal.
          I started thinking about him. How much sufferings he might have had. Personal suffering due to illness. Family sufferings. Financial sufferings.
GOD is really cruel. HE even not allows man to live to a minimum life.
OK, let the GOD be one side, what is that ‘you’ are doing for this. I thought of paying him Rs. 5000 in a closed packet. I would do this immediately after salary for the month is received. One month passed.
I will pay Rs. 3000 because Rs. 5000 too much for me(?). Yes, I have the amount in my pocket. Today I will call him and pay him. Another month passed.
Let me do it this way! I’ll call a meeting of my colleagues, on this issue. Request each to share some bucks. I’ll add the balance, so that total becomes Rs. 3000. What an idea! The very next moment, a thought swirled my mind that I would be burdening my colleagues by putting this issue before them. Few weeks passed.
Are you really concerned, because he is not expecting anything from you? What is that you are looking from this donation? Goodwill, sympathy, donor label, self esteem…    

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