Monday, April 28, 2014

To: All People of the Department.                                                  Date: 26/04/2014

Subject: Improving the performance towards global excellence in education and research – V.
Extra-curricular Responsibilities for the year 2014-15
Name of the
Faculty/ Staff
Job Responsibilities
R V Patil
To coordinate with Central Coordinator
R V Patil
A N Shinde
P S Kamble
Parents meet
S V Chavan
Alumni meet
S K Sheikh
P P Pimparkar
TPO – Training and Placement
V B Patil
M L Vyapari
S S Sontakke
S M Mulla
To coordinate with HoD and Central Coordinator
NBA updating
A C Joshi
Stationery Distributions
Lab Assistants
Budget/Purchase process
S V Patil
Monitoring & Counseling
Industrial Visits
Iranna Korachagaon
S S Kamble
S U Ranade
/P B shinde
Online: Attendance/ Syllabus Completion/ Tests results / Skill Assessment/ Student Feedback/ Faculty Feedback/ Exit Survey
Academic Calendar/ Timetable/ Class Test/ Midterm Test/ POE
M A Natu
Online: Question paper, Term work, POE Coordination
Shocking News Letter
Iranna Korachagaon
A C Joshi
Online Publishing
Mini project/ Main project/ Seminar/ Vocational Training
S C Patil
Online: Listing, Evaluation
Student Data, Result Analysis
P P Pimparkar
Online: Update
Faculty/ Staff Data
P P Pimparkar
Online: Update
Industry institute interaction, R & D, Funding
U Gudaru
A M Mulla
Y R Atre
MoU, Sponsored projects, Faculty Training, Industrial Services,
Library, Lab, Dead stock, Housekeeping, Repair and Maintenance 
S V Chavan, A N Shinde,
M A Natu, Electricians, Lab Assistants and Peons
As per the schedule
HoD in absence
A N Shinde/ A C Joshi

You are requested prepare the detailed profile with plan of action and submit the same to by email on or before 30 June 2014.   
To: All People of the Department.                                                                      Date: 25/04/2014

Subject: Improving the performance towards global excellence in education and research – IV.

1. Do you know how to decorate the faculty/ staff profile?

Faculty profile - per semester:
  • At the Institute level: Standard reference books, 2 Question paper sets with answers, Workbook update, Lab manual update, Lab-kit development/ up-gradation, 6 hours content – beyond syllabus, 6 hours content – general topic, 4 students mentoring, 3 days – guest lecture, one-week sponsored FDP, 1 sponsored project work, 1 paper in reputed conference/ journals in IEEE standard and above, 2 days awareness programs for society, writing articles to newspapers. Involving in extra-curricular activities.   
  • At the University level: 200 answer book assessment, 6 supervision duties, and question paper setting.
  • At the Personal level: Upgrading the qualifications, Entrepreneurial activities.
2. How could I get involved in different activities?

The department has initiated various clubs. Join the club; get involved for joy of doing.
  • Academic: Question Paper Club, Test Club, PPT Club, Audio Video Club, Lab Club, Counselor Club, T-10 Club, Attendance Club, S-F-D Club, Viva Club, Publication Club, R&D Club, MATLAB Club, LAB VIEW Club, ETAP Club, POWER WORLD Club, HV Club 
  • Community Services/ Awareness: Alumni Club, Career Guidance Club, Visit/ Tour Club, Green Club, Philosophy Club, MS-Office Club, News Club, WWW Club, Pet Club, Health Club, Library Club, Sports Club, Law Club, Finance Club, Entrepreneurship Club 
  • Personality Development: English Club, Language Club, Handwriting Club, Reading/ Writing Club, Public Speaking Club, Report Writing Club 
  • Recreation/ Cultural/ Artistic: Vocal Club, Music Club, Film Club, Articles Club, Art & Paint Club
3. Why should I do all this?
  • To become competent and proficient
  • To be respected and leading
  • To be sustained and dependable
  • For mutual needs and requirements.
To: All the Best Performing People of the Department.                         Date: 16 April 2014

Subject: Improving the performance towards global excellence in education and research – III.

After hearing to the Director’s voice on April 16, 2014, I’m translating the concerns about bringing the ethics and quality in the education. As a department, we are going to emerge, to help the future generation. Let’s shape the future by nurturing our students. Let’s understand few of the things very clearly –
  • Student is a student; don’t compartment the student with respect to his department.
  • Dare to advise any student for his betterment anytime, anywhere, if you feel so, instead murmuring ‘about students misbehavior’ after noticing it.
  • Prepare lab manual, presentable format, with sufficient supporting learning material, so that this manual is across India.
  • Mentor 10-15 students allotted; involve them in every activity for mutual betterment.
  • Help students to understand – studentship. Prepare them for future.
  • Plan syllabus teaching to happen twice. Adapt innovative methods, at least
o   One chapter by PPT presentation
o   One chapter by Video Presentation
o   One chapter by audio question and answering
o   One chapter by MCQ
o   Prepare detailed question bank (20 questions/ chapter) indicating the standard reference, so that students may be asked to refer books for finding the answers and writing it down.
o   Plan few activities such that, teamwork, professional ethics and social responsibilities are made to understand.
o   Involve in any one of the inhouse laboratory, to upgrade.
o   Plan, invite few of the parents, let their ward give presentation on that day.  
  • Spend 4 hours a week in the library to get acquainted with your area of interest; not for newspaper reading.
  • Learn MS-Office skills, they are necessary. Understand IEEE paper format. Resist publishing paper other the IEEE Conferences/ Journals.
  • Get attached to any of the industry of your choice in and around. Build professional communications and make regular visits to benefit mutually.
  • Develop your skill of writing/ sketching/ and publish; show how to publish.
  • Have your own website. You will work more to present more things infront of the world. Hence you feel proud.
  • Have clear future plans; help students to have clear plans.
  • Aren’t these few of the tips for becoming ‘irreplaceable person’? 

Improving the performance

To: All People of the Department.
To: All People of the Department 

Subject: Improving the performance towards global excellence in education and research – II.
  • College Timing: 9.00 am – 5.00 pm; 5 Days; Saturday and Sunday Off; No holidays for any festival during the academic 12 weeks.
  • Time Table: 50 Minutes/ Session
Two Sessions are created to use for Library, mentoring, homework, submission, assignment and assessment.

For the Students
  • Instead of traditional method, let us practice problem based/ project based/ assignment based teaching-learning activity.
  • For the courses, where the result is poor, is given proportional weightage to make it up. Such courses may be divided for more number of faculty members. 
  • Keeping no link with the theory to conduct practicals. At any time 5 practicals could be conducted, with readymade manual in hand. More question-answering/ demonstration activity than passive lab experiment writing activity.
  • No guest lectures on the university syllabus coverage.
  • Department to encourage outside participation in happenings.
  • Flexibility to students on attending the class. However, work completion is must.
  • Follow-up and crosschecking on the originality of completion of the work is faculty/ mentor responsibility.
  • Keeping in touch with and updating the progress of the student to parents/ guardians by mentors.
  • Under any circumstances, not to penalize the students financially or in terms of any kind. However mentor may delete the student name from his list if any student/ parents feel so. Then the student is left to assume his own responsibilities.
For the Faculty/ Staff
  • Ask the question, am I doing what I am supposed to do? Or I am being driven by the people beyond my department.
  • Do I have (ready to learn) enough skills to perform the job better to my satisfaction?
  • What rules and whose suggestions are interfering my work.
  • How can I make myself happy so that, I perform better everyday and enjoy each moment?
  • The main objective is, to help and get helped to progress in the set direction and be happy.
(10 April 2014)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

To: All People of the Department

Subject: Improving the performance towards global excellence in education and research - I.

The word ‘department’ has no meaning. The department means the people in it. The performance of the department is indicated by the individual’s performance. We all know that, individual is much more capable than the department. To usher the department, individual has to become adaptive and flexible depending upon the situations, time to time. Instead of killing the time, in giving free suggestions to the peers, better to lead by example. It is very easy to notice, what is lacking in others than, what is with the self. We should have keen observation within. Also we could take help from the identified mentors to improve the self. We all must know beyond doubt that, world cannot be changed! The change can happen with me alone. The whole purpose of this life is be happy inside, every moment. Then only it is possible to give-away happiness outside. Feel love! Just observe deeply, the act at this moment, is bringing happiness in you. There is no place in this world which can give happiness. Because it is not outside, it is inside, within and with everybody.

What gives happiness for the students? Feel it! Recall your studenthood days! Is there any change in the scenario? Don’t give the answer! Just look at it. What the animal instinct of human being wants is the pleasure and refrain pain. What professional also called civilized society wants from the human beings is that to follow the right path, set of rules and regulations. If anybody enjoys breaking the rules and not following the regulations of civic society and expects other to do it, then he is in the animal instinct human being. There is nothing wrong in being so! But one has to observe. In the jungle of animals, it is wise to be animal than any other.

Everybody wants success, name, fame and attention. What’s wrong in it? Imagine a scenario, if students are given ready notes, ready experiments, ready viva-voce questions, ready question paper solutions and no home-work at all. Just because you had suffered from all these during your time, don’t oppose this idea. Never ask, then what the students would do? Instead convince yourself, to become instrumental in providing what is needed? How best I can help students, for their minimum needs stated above. Do I have the intension to help the students or still I murmur. Don’t excuse.

Look at it. If the notes/ question paper solutions are available well in advance, students could read it any and many number of times, whenever and wherever. If the laboratory manuals are given in the printed format, students may be asked to read about the experiment and perform. Much little time it takes to enter the observations. Thus postponing the conduct of experiments because theory is not covered could be totally eliminated. Time for better understanding of the subject could be used. Why hire the external soft skill trainers to teach English. Teaching English, ethics and responsibilities could be part of the daily theory/ practical sessions. Students must take part in co-curricular activities to update and learn behave in the team. The flexibility of teaching hours and the weightage factor to each course has to be properly attached depending upon the difficulty level. The main objective behind this thinking is to create a lively and happy environment for all, keeping an eye on improving the performance in the university exams. Come for joy to make it happen. (02 April 2014)