Monday, April 28, 2014

To: All the Best Performing People of the Department.                         Date: 16 April 2014

Subject: Improving the performance towards global excellence in education and research – III.

After hearing to the Director’s voice on April 16, 2014, I’m translating the concerns about bringing the ethics and quality in the education. As a department, we are going to emerge, to help the future generation. Let’s shape the future by nurturing our students. Let’s understand few of the things very clearly –
  • Student is a student; don’t compartment the student with respect to his department.
  • Dare to advise any student for his betterment anytime, anywhere, if you feel so, instead murmuring ‘about students misbehavior’ after noticing it.
  • Prepare lab manual, presentable format, with sufficient supporting learning material, so that this manual is across India.
  • Mentor 10-15 students allotted; involve them in every activity for mutual betterment.
  • Help students to understand – studentship. Prepare them for future.
  • Plan syllabus teaching to happen twice. Adapt innovative methods, at least
o   One chapter by PPT presentation
o   One chapter by Video Presentation
o   One chapter by audio question and answering
o   One chapter by MCQ
o   Prepare detailed question bank (20 questions/ chapter) indicating the standard reference, so that students may be asked to refer books for finding the answers and writing it down.
o   Plan few activities such that, teamwork, professional ethics and social responsibilities are made to understand.
o   Involve in any one of the inhouse laboratory, to upgrade.
o   Plan, invite few of the parents, let their ward give presentation on that day.  
  • Spend 4 hours a week in the library to get acquainted with your area of interest; not for newspaper reading.
  • Learn MS-Office skills, they are necessary. Understand IEEE paper format. Resist publishing paper other the IEEE Conferences/ Journals.
  • Get attached to any of the industry of your choice in and around. Build professional communications and make regular visits to benefit mutually.
  • Develop your skill of writing/ sketching/ and publish; show how to publish.
  • Have your own website. You will work more to present more things infront of the world. Hence you feel proud.
  • Have clear future plans; help students to have clear plans.
  • Aren’t these few of the tips for becoming ‘irreplaceable person’? 

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