Wednesday, April 9, 2014

To: All People of the Department

Subject: Improving the performance towards global excellence in education and research - I.

The word ‘department’ has no meaning. The department means the people in it. The performance of the department is indicated by the individual’s performance. We all know that, individual is much more capable than the department. To usher the department, individual has to become adaptive and flexible depending upon the situations, time to time. Instead of killing the time, in giving free suggestions to the peers, better to lead by example. It is very easy to notice, what is lacking in others than, what is with the self. We should have keen observation within. Also we could take help from the identified mentors to improve the self. We all must know beyond doubt that, world cannot be changed! The change can happen with me alone. The whole purpose of this life is be happy inside, every moment. Then only it is possible to give-away happiness outside. Feel love! Just observe deeply, the act at this moment, is bringing happiness in you. There is no place in this world which can give happiness. Because it is not outside, it is inside, within and with everybody.

What gives happiness for the students? Feel it! Recall your studenthood days! Is there any change in the scenario? Don’t give the answer! Just look at it. What the animal instinct of human being wants is the pleasure and refrain pain. What professional also called civilized society wants from the human beings is that to follow the right path, set of rules and regulations. If anybody enjoys breaking the rules and not following the regulations of civic society and expects other to do it, then he is in the animal instinct human being. There is nothing wrong in being so! But one has to observe. In the jungle of animals, it is wise to be animal than any other.

Everybody wants success, name, fame and attention. What’s wrong in it? Imagine a scenario, if students are given ready notes, ready experiments, ready viva-voce questions, ready question paper solutions and no home-work at all. Just because you had suffered from all these during your time, don’t oppose this idea. Never ask, then what the students would do? Instead convince yourself, to become instrumental in providing what is needed? How best I can help students, for their minimum needs stated above. Do I have the intension to help the students or still I murmur. Don’t excuse.

Look at it. If the notes/ question paper solutions are available well in advance, students could read it any and many number of times, whenever and wherever. If the laboratory manuals are given in the printed format, students may be asked to read about the experiment and perform. Much little time it takes to enter the observations. Thus postponing the conduct of experiments because theory is not covered could be totally eliminated. Time for better understanding of the subject could be used. Why hire the external soft skill trainers to teach English. Teaching English, ethics and responsibilities could be part of the daily theory/ practical sessions. Students must take part in co-curricular activities to update and learn behave in the team. The flexibility of teaching hours and the weightage factor to each course has to be properly attached depending upon the difficulty level. The main objective behind this thinking is to create a lively and happy environment for all, keeping an eye on improving the performance in the university exams. Come for joy to make it happen. (02 April 2014)

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