Monday, April 28, 2014

To: All People of the Department.                                                                      Date: 25/04/2014

Subject: Improving the performance towards global excellence in education and research – IV.

1. Do you know how to decorate the faculty/ staff profile?

Faculty profile - per semester:
  • At the Institute level: Standard reference books, 2 Question paper sets with answers, Workbook update, Lab manual update, Lab-kit development/ up-gradation, 6 hours content – beyond syllabus, 6 hours content – general topic, 4 students mentoring, 3 days – guest lecture, one-week sponsored FDP, 1 sponsored project work, 1 paper in reputed conference/ journals in IEEE standard and above, 2 days awareness programs for society, writing articles to newspapers. Involving in extra-curricular activities.   
  • At the University level: 200 answer book assessment, 6 supervision duties, and question paper setting.
  • At the Personal level: Upgrading the qualifications, Entrepreneurial activities.
2. How could I get involved in different activities?

The department has initiated various clubs. Join the club; get involved for joy of doing.
  • Academic: Question Paper Club, Test Club, PPT Club, Audio Video Club, Lab Club, Counselor Club, T-10 Club, Attendance Club, S-F-D Club, Viva Club, Publication Club, R&D Club, MATLAB Club, LAB VIEW Club, ETAP Club, POWER WORLD Club, HV Club 
  • Community Services/ Awareness: Alumni Club, Career Guidance Club, Visit/ Tour Club, Green Club, Philosophy Club, MS-Office Club, News Club, WWW Club, Pet Club, Health Club, Library Club, Sports Club, Law Club, Finance Club, Entrepreneurship Club 
  • Personality Development: English Club, Language Club, Handwriting Club, Reading/ Writing Club, Public Speaking Club, Report Writing Club 
  • Recreation/ Cultural/ Artistic: Vocal Club, Music Club, Film Club, Articles Club, Art & Paint Club
3. Why should I do all this?
  • To become competent and proficient
  • To be respected and leading
  • To be sustained and dependable
  • For mutual needs and requirements.

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