Monday, April 28, 2014

To: All People of the Department.                                                  Date: 26/04/2014

Subject: Improving the performance towards global excellence in education and research – V.
Extra-curricular Responsibilities for the year 2014-15
Name of the
Faculty/ Staff
Job Responsibilities
R V Patil
To coordinate with Central Coordinator
R V Patil
A N Shinde
P S Kamble
Parents meet
S V Chavan
Alumni meet
S K Sheikh
P P Pimparkar
TPO – Training and Placement
V B Patil
M L Vyapari
S S Sontakke
S M Mulla
To coordinate with HoD and Central Coordinator
NBA updating
A C Joshi
Stationery Distributions
Lab Assistants
Budget/Purchase process
S V Patil
Monitoring & Counseling
Industrial Visits
Iranna Korachagaon
S S Kamble
S U Ranade
/P B shinde
Online: Attendance/ Syllabus Completion/ Tests results / Skill Assessment/ Student Feedback/ Faculty Feedback/ Exit Survey
Academic Calendar/ Timetable/ Class Test/ Midterm Test/ POE
M A Natu
Online: Question paper, Term work, POE Coordination
Shocking News Letter
Iranna Korachagaon
A C Joshi
Online Publishing
Mini project/ Main project/ Seminar/ Vocational Training
S C Patil
Online: Listing, Evaluation
Student Data, Result Analysis
P P Pimparkar
Online: Update
Faculty/ Staff Data
P P Pimparkar
Online: Update
Industry institute interaction, R & D, Funding
U Gudaru
A M Mulla
Y R Atre
MoU, Sponsored projects, Faculty Training, Industrial Services,
Library, Lab, Dead stock, Housekeeping, Repair and Maintenance 
S V Chavan, A N Shinde,
M A Natu, Electricians, Lab Assistants and Peons
As per the schedule
HoD in absence
A N Shinde/ A C Joshi

You are requested prepare the detailed profile with plan of action and submit the same to by email on or before 30 June 2014.